Topping the Old Pine spacer


from pine 1

Roof of cabin looking down from about 60 ft.
Dinning room in forefront, Kitchen to left, Bedroom to right.

from pine 2

Looking North to the mouth of Laughing Brook ... from about 75 ft up.
Pink (haul) rope was used to pull tree top away from cabin.

from pine 3

Looking West & strait down to the beach & table ... Franklin & Angela looking up.

from pine 6

View from 70 feet up of south side of Laughing Brook cove beach.

from pine 4

Angela moving the canoe away from tree trajectory ... note the clear water.

from pine 5

Looking down about 40ft to Chris belaying from the base of the tree.
Ron's foot, swede saw, & ropes in foreground.

from ground 1

Pink haul rope attached at about 75ft ... Ron with safety on preparing to start cutting.
Photo by Jackie

from ground 2

Cut complete, tension on the pink rope & top 15ft of tree falling. Ron safely lower & out of the way.
Photo by Franklin

Top section removed

Cut completed. The top section has been removed.
Photo by Franklin

tree top 1

The top 15ft landed almost exactly where we wanted it to.

tree top 2

The second 15ft section took much longer, but it also fell exactly where we planned.
Chris is here coiling up the haul rope.

tree top 3

This picture shows why the second cut took so long.
The tree is 17 inches in diameter, with only 2 - 2.5 inches holding it from falling ...
tedious work with a swede saw getting jammed up with pine pitch.

tree top 4

Picture shows how much bark was off the tree and why we were concerned
that the tree, or several branches, might come down in a storm.
Thus the reason for topping the tree.

Photos by Ron Skene, unless otherwise noted.
Notes are by Ron.