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People for Justice in Palestine (PJP) is a nonpartisan group of people from the Iowa City community concerned about the crisis in Israel and the occupied territories. The crisis cannot be understood without addressing the historical injustices and discrimination suffered by Palestinians, including the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands since 1967. We have joined together to support a just and lasting peace for the peoples of the region, and we understand that a lasting peace is impossible while the Israeli occupation continues.

We recognize that the Israeli government is committing systematic and large-scale acts of violence and discrimination against Palestinians. These acts--along with the occupation--are the root cause of conflict. While we condemn all acts of violence committed against innocent civilians, we also recognize that the acts of violence perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis are largely the tragic consequence of the desperate conditions created by the Israeli occupation. Furthermore, we recognize that the United States bears responsibility for the occupation by funding and arming Israel in spite of Israel's egregious human rights record.

Accordingly, it is our belief that neither Israelis nor Palestinians can hope to enjoy lasting peace or security until the Israeli occupation ends and justice is achieved for the Palestinians. As part of a broad and growing international consensus, PJP stands together with people of conscience in Israel, the United States, and around the world to oppose the occupation as well as the United States' unconditional support of Israel.

Our mission is to unite Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others in the pursuit of the following goals:

  • Ending the Israeli occupation of all Arab land taken in 1967, reversing the Israeli settlement of that land, and providing a just solution for Palestinian refugees
  • Ending U.S. military aid and investment that fuels Israeli human rights abuses
  • Compelling Israel to comply with human rights conventions, United Nations resolutions, and other relevant international law
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